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Finding an HVAC Contractor in Wallingford

No matter where you live, keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a major concern and an HVAC contractor plays a key roll in climate controlled comfort. HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. An HVAC contractor is responsible for the installation and maintenance of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in homes and buildings. Selecting the correct Wallingford HVAC contractor for the job is as vital to your equipment’s operation as the equipment you choose.

Choosing a reliable Wallingford HVAC contractor should be a simple process. Unfortunately most people don’t know what to look for when searching for a good contractor to install or service their heating and cooling equipment and that can make finding the right person for the job difficult. Whether you need repairs or a new heating or air conditioning system installed, its important to find an HVAC contractor you can trust to provide quality work and reliable service.

The Importance of Finding the Right Wallingford HVAC Contractor

If you’re looking for a new installation or upgrade of an older system, a qualified Wallingford HVAC contractor needs to make a visual inspection of the site or existing system. If any contractor attempts to give you an estimate over the phone without first checking out your project or investigating a problem in person you should avoid doing business with them. They may be less interested in getting the job done right than they are in getting your money.

An HVAC contractor will calculate he square footage of your structure, and go through a thorough checklist to determine the heat-load. He can then provide you with a written quote outlining the cost of parts, equipment and labor. Also if you are having a new system installed a reliable Wallingford HVAC contractor will usually offer more than one system option to best fit your needs and budget. Financing may be available with your HVAC system as well as an extended warranty.

A Wallingford HVAC contractor should ask a detailed set of questions and do a complete examination of your system if you are having problems. He should then be able to give you some practical solutions. Often it’s a matter of an existing unit not properly sized for the structure and a qualified Wallingford HVAC contractor can recommend new or additional equipment that will meet your home or business needs. In the long run this can prove to be less expensive and more energy efficient.

What to Look for in a Qualified Wallingford HVAC Contractor

It’s also imperative that they carry the proper insurance including workers compensation and that they are bonded to protect you against damages to your home.

The Wallingford HVAC contractor that you plan to hire should be listed in your local phone directory. Contractors that have a physical office or shop are probably more likely to be an established business. Any reliable company is usually willing to give you their address, phone number and alternate numbers for emergency services. If the contractor doesn’t have a physical business address or adequate contact information you have no way of being sure they will be around should you need to have under warranty repairs done on the equipment.

Find out what type of equipment a Wallingford HVAC contractor uses to test your heating system and how they detect potential levels of carbon monoxide to verify the safety of your home or business. How do they handle the recovery of refrigerants to make sure they are properly disposed of and don’t contaminate the air? A qualified HVAC contractor will have an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) license to handle refrigerants.

Protecting your Investment with a Reliable Wallingford HVAC Contractor

Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept the first estimate you get. You should talk with several HVAC contractors to get a number of quotes that you can compare. If you have doubts about any company continue your search until you find one that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable working with. Don’t go with the cheapest quote simply because of all the money you think you’re saving. Ask the contractor to explain how he arrived at his estimate. Don’t cut corners when it comes to equipment and installation, yet look for the bid that will give you the best deal for your money.

When it comes time to install, upgrade or repair your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system you want to choose a qualified Wallingford HVAC contractor. A qualified contractor will behave in a professional manner. They will be on time for appointments, or if they have an emergency they will call to let you know. Their offices and trucks should represent the level of their business.

Remember that you don’t want the cheapest bid. You want the best bid and that’s one where you will get quality equipment and service at the best price. The heating and air conditioning equipment in your home or business is a long term investment and you want to make certain the Wallingford HVAC contractor you choose will be there to help protect that investment.
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